About Us


About us

TellTaleTim Studios is the product of a lifetime of motoring enthusiasm and a long practiced passion for telling stories. The creation of James Clapham and Dave Landles, the company aims to deliver the core narrative behind the various facets of the automotive industry. From supercar manufacturing to the motorsport teams we love, the goal is to bring the public, the fans, closer and involve them in the telling of those tales.

So join us on our journeys as we meet and get to know the people and lives behind the automotive makers, racers and sellers who bring the world together and let us travel father than we might have hoped.

"Tales Worth Telling, Trips Worth Taking"


James Clapham is a photographer, writer and video editor based in the north of England. As a founder of TellTaleTim Studios, James brings a wealth of business and sales experience along with his artistic vision to the company. His unending enthusiasm for motorsports and the whole automotive industry help power his conscientious drive to produce quality content.

Dave Landles is a writer, graphic designer and automotive photographer based in the north of England. As a founder of TellTaleTim Studios, Dave brings a broad range of literary and journalistic skills along with a diverse experience of business environments. Well travelled and driven to produce the best at all times, his automotive obsession began in his formative years and burns as bright as it ever did. 

"Tales Worth Telling, Trips Worth Taking"


Founded in 2017 we have already seen an outstanding response to our approach, from working with Kershaw Racing and Graham Brunton Racing to our new and developing relationships with others in the automotive and motorsport sectors. Whatever your image requirements, whether video to photographic, what we deliver is media content that helps you promote your products and your brand, allowing you to convey your own story to your customers and the wider public.

If you are looking to tell your story, if you have a brand, a team or a product to promote on Social Media or in print then give us a call and let us help.

"Tales Worth Telling, Trips Worth Taking"